Covid 19 and Recruitment

During this trying time, we need to keep safe, be innovative and put our best foot forward! We are fortunate to have access to technology that enables us to work remotely. The Elite Search and Selection team will be continuing as seamlessly as possible to deliver the excellent service in which we take so much […]

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Love the job you have

Unless you have recently won the lottery or a distant millionaire auntie has left youa stash, the reality of most of our lives is that we have to work. Nine-to-five, ornine-to-nine in some cases. Grind, grind, grind – and we’re not speaking of coffeehere. With the economy being what it is, just having a job should

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Top 10 CV Tips

Your CV could either make or break your shot at bagging a job. Here are our top tips. Article: Anna Malczyk Your CV is your first and only chance to make a great impression on a potential employer – a good candidate with a bad CV will never get an interview. Therefore, it pays to spend

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Labour Brokers have much to offer

Labour brokers have much to offer The answer to scarce South African industry skills. Despite ongoing calls for the prohibition of labour broking, reputable labour brokers have so much to offer the market, especially in the sourcing of scarce skills. This skills shortage is well-documented and is a national imperative. The severity of the problem

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