Announcing Your Arrival

You’ve landed the new job, and now you’re ready to make your mark.The pressure is on, or is it? The first observation I will make is there actually isno pressure. You are creating it by taking yourself too seriously! We all want tomake a difference and I am a big believer in remarkable or outstandingperformance. […]

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Trend Talk

“As no surprise to many, the topic of “passive candidates” continues to be a recruiting hot button. Although this candidate has always existed, the trend to find and hire this type of candidate started just a few years ago and has grown to become a strategy that most organizations have incorporated in their recruiting initiatives.

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Presentation is key to job success

Even before meeting you, the job seeker, your prospective employer sees your application letter and CV. So, it’s crucial that the letter and CV create the right impression. As a job seeker, you should take these two pieces of paper seriously – they represent you before you can present yourself personally. As part of their

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The Pitfalls of CounterOffers

As the economy rebounds, companies are focused on retaining their best employees. This may be because they sense that top performers, exhausted from being overworked and underpaid during the recession, have new options. Counteroffers are one talent-preservation tool companies use to prevent being “left in the lurch” by an employee who leaves. In making such

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