Trend Talk

“As no surprise to many, the topic of “passive candidates” continues to be a recruiting hot button. Although this candidate has always existed, the trend to find and hire this type of candidate started just a few years ago and has grown to become a strategy that most organizations have incorporated in their recruiting initiatives.

 Passive candidates have proved to bring a level of experience, knowledge, and loyalty that active candidates do not always demonstrate. Unfortunately, passive candidates make up about 80% of the workforce [Bureau of Labor Statistics]. Finding them is difficult, and finding the ones that fit the required criteria for your position is even harder. Once you find the professionals that may be a fit for your position, the challenge continues as you have to persuade them to be interested. 

As you are trying to hire this talent, it is important to first understand the type of candidate you are dealing with. It takes clear understanding and a strategic approach to accomplish your goal of attracting and hiring this valuable talent.